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Don't look back, the future is in front of you.

Do you ever look back and old pictures and think was that really me? Recently I have been doing a lot of that. Those of you who have already come to me about nutrition plans will know as I have told you but for those who are still thinking about it this is how I managed to make such a big change in my life.

This really was me a few years ago, the girl on the left. I am proud to say I am now the girl on the right. I didn't do any fad diets and fail at them, I slowly taught myself about Nutrition. I learnt how to be happy and enjoy my food with control. Anyone that says we shouldn't find happiness in food I personally believe is wrong. We are fuelled by our foods, they keep us alive. More than this foods can impact our skin, health, happiness, mood and much more. I can honestly say nutrition is not a quick fix, unlike a fad diet you won't see yourself drop 2 stone in a few weeks, it will come off in inches and fat loss where the weight will follow. This is a proven way to keeping the weight off. I am not saying I never have a cheat meal, I do. I save these for if i'm eating out, I try not to beat myself up about what i'm going to eat but to enjoy it. I find myself now after years of eating a nutritional diet always being drawn to the healthier options on a menu when I go out as I know that foods full of salts and sugars will the following day make me feel ill. Yes I suffer from food hangovers now. I used to be able to eat anything without it making me feel ill, i'm glad that that is no longer the case.

The hardest thing about the change that I have made is that I still see myself as the girl on the left, the girl on the right is who I always dreamed to be but now that I am her I want more. I am not talking weight loss I am talking toning more and being stronger because I love the way my body feels when I am eating well and exercising regularly. As I worked as a chef for over 10 years and am I chocoholic I had to come up with a way around getting a sweet treat, these are the products that you see us selling now.

A good friend of mine who I know won't mind me mentioning Alex and I used to go to the gym together, we used to try and eat healthy and workout well. We did';t really know what we were doing. I became a nutritional therapist and she is now one half of Pretty heavy lifters. Yesterday we went for a work out together and I thought who is this?

Its definetly not me any more.

This is now me. And I can honestly say I will never look back. I will countinue my healthy lifestyle, Alex and I are both super proud of how far we have come since we started seeing results and now are both helping others to do the same in our own ways.

What I'm trying to say is if you think you can't, you can! Don't look back, look forward. See what you want in life and go get it. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

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