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Quality Treats vs Quality Streets! How to stay on track this Christmas.

We all know Christmas is the time of year where there is temptation everywhere. Parties full of food, shops with chocolates on offer, alcohol, people inviting you meals and parties......the list goes on. 

Yes it is Christmas!!!! You can still be sociable without falling off the wagon. A year of clean living can be ruined in weeks over Christmas causing the January blues and feeling like you need to "get back on it" so here's our tips! 

🎄Don't say no to those parties or meals, make smart choices! If you're eating out, drink plenty of water before and during your meal, listen to your body and stop when your full. 

🎄Alternate between water and alcohol on nights out if you choose to drink. 

🎄Those sweets on offer at your local supermarket, telling you it's only £x , it's a bargain....ask yourself, how is it so cheap? What goes into those 'treats' that make them so cheap? It's a treat, that's great is still what is used to fuel your body! Don't fall for the offer or the bargain sweet. Make smart choices, don't just buy it because it's cheap or because it's Christmas.

🎄Listen to your body, keep moving, keep eating well and enjoy the festive season.

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