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Everyone loves Cake!

What's better than cake? Cake with home grown veggies that's what! 

Personally I'd never eaten carrot cake before, shocking right? I know. After a customer vote on our Facebook page carrot cake was the cskd of choice. Made with the usual gfp twist keeping all the ingredients healthy and fully vegan I whipped up some mini carrot cakes for all. I tried one, I loved it and I can't believe that carrot cake had not been in my life before. 

The cake had some amazing feedback from all so I decided do make a bigger one to take to one of our stockists gyms (Grindhouse Strongman) for their open day. Needless to say again the cake went down amazingly with everyone. 

What else can I put the gfp twist on next? What cake is your favourite? I'm voting for a lemon & pistachio next because that's my absolute favourite, although I can't guarantee I'll be up for sharing that one. 

Who else grows there own veggies? 

Home grown baby carrots 

Mini carrot cakes 

Full naked carrot cake especially for Grindhouse Strongman 

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