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Who is GFP for?

Who are we? Are we for you?

Guilt Free Pleasures is a local business selling clean eating foods. All our products are refined sugar free. We only use gluten free ingredients in our products, not because we think everyone should eat gluten free but because so many people are we would like our products to be avaliable to as many people as possible. Yes our products are high in protein but this is natural due to the ingredients we use, only our protein balls have added protein. 

Do you have to be fit to eat our products? Of course not! All of our bodies need to be fuelled, you don't need to be into fitness to eat well. If you have a sweet tooth and/or are trying to cut out refined sugars, eat more healthy, eat clean, diet etc then our products are perfect for you. Our products are completely suitable for kids and (speaking from experience with own) they'll never know that the treats they're eating are healthy. 

Why choose us over high street brands? Even in so called 'healthy' foods you can buy in big stores have hidden refined sugars in them, have a look at the ingredients on the back and compare them to the ingredients in our products. These foods also contain preservatives, these are no added value to the food but simply give them a longer shelf life in store. We do not use preservatives in our foods. 

Are you looking to try something new? We have a large range of treats avaliable and are willing to give anything a try that you want making. If you want a healthy alternative to your favourite guilt free treat then get in touch and we can help. We all deserve a treat that tastes great and until you've tried our products you'll never realise just how great natural tastes. 

We also offer personalised nutrition plans built to you and your goals made by our qualified nutritional therapist.  You again don't need to be fit to follow a nutrition plan, it's about finding something that works for you. We are all individual, we all have different tastes and these can all be catered for. 

If you want to know what you're putting into your body with your foods you can check out all the ingredients for each product. 

We are passionate about food but mostly we are passionate for great tasting healthy foods. 

Love Lauren xx

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