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Can chocolate ever really be healthy?

Of course there are arguments on both sides. We all know the chocolate we buy in the shops is highly processed and packed with sugars and preservatives. 

Forget that chocolate, what about the raw stuff? Our chocolate is made using raw cacao powder, cacao butter and agave nectar. 

The pros of cacao powder, it's higher in antioxidants than green tea and blueberries, high source of iron, vitamin c, fibre, magnesium and chromium which helps to balance blood sugar. There's no added sugars. Cacao is classed by many as a supercool, however as with all foods balance is key. Cacao contains naturally occurring chemicals as with all foods should not be eaten to excess when eaten in moderation your body can reap the benefits of this rich food.

Cacao butter is the natural fat extracted from the cacao bean.....That's right natural fat. We have such a fear of fats but our bodies still need fats. Cacao butter is another source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  When eaten in moderation have no negative impact. 

Agave is a natural sweetener similar to honey, this is taken from the agave plant. 4 times sweeter than cane sugars means you only need 1/4 of the amount. Many people with type 2 diabetes choose to use agave as it does not spike blood sugars like cane sugar cane. Again this should be eaten in moderation. 

have you ever tried making your own chocolate?

100g cacao butter (melted) 

2 tbsp agave 

50g cacao powder (sifted) 

Options to add vanilla if it's to bitter for your taste  

Mix all ingredients together and set in the freezer. 

This gives you a very rich dark chocolate. If you need a chocolate fix you'll not need to eat alot of this as it should satisfy any cravings you had and with the prevention of blood sugar spikes you won't  feel the need to come back for more. 

There is nothing unatural in the process of raw chocolate, there is no reason that it can not be enjoyed in moderation. Natural ingredients have been used for years and long before the process of the sweets we see on shelfs today.

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